We are working to gather historical and noteworthy information about the Sequoyah County Sheriff's Department, which we will post on this web site, to share with everyone.

If you have factual information, legends, photos, or relics related to our history, which you are willing to share, please let us know.

We woldn't expect you to part with photos, relics, etc. We would be happy to copy or photograph them, if you'll let us.

You may e-mail sheriff@sequoyahcountysheriff.org or hays@sequoyahcountysheriff.org,
or call 918-775-1213.

A "Tommy Gun" believed to have been carried by Pretty Boy Floyd has been in the custody of the Sequoyah County Sheriff's Department for decades.

It will be on display at the soon to be built US Marshall's Museum, in Fort Smith, AR.