The Sequoyah County Sheriff's Department provides 24 hour emergency dispatch services to rural areas within the county. Our Communications center dispatches not only for the Sequoyah County Sheriff's Department, but also for Gans Police, Gore Police, Marble City Police, and the Vian Police.


Dispatch Phone:  918-775-9155                   Dispatch Fax:      918-774-9911


Reporting Emergencies

Emergencies include crimes that are in progress or about to happen, and ones that have resulted in serious personal injury, property damage, or property loss. They also include situations in which the suspect may still be at the scene and some suspicious activities.


Some examples of crime emergencies that should be reported by calling are:



Persons who are:



The ability of the Sheriff's Deputy to locate and arrest criminals often depends on the thoroughness and accuracy of the information you provide. The following information checklist should be used for reporting both emergency and non-emergency crimes: